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Inspirational | July 26, 2012

Epic, inspirational, orchestral piece about overcoming great obstacles. Perfect for the Olympics and other subject matter based on great courage. Features piano, acoustic and electric guitar, orchestra and percussion.

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Promos/Trailers | October 10, 2012

Epic, stirring, and unrelenting. Full choir, epic brass, and heavy percussion give this epic trailer music great emotion and power.

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Cinematic | September 16, 2013

Peaceful, beautiful piano piece that slowly builds to a grand climax with backing from the orchestra, percussion and choir.

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Cinematic | January 2, 2015

'Moment of Discovery' has an energetic pulse and features feelings of adventure, romance, and triumph. Featured instruments include the piano, violin, pizzicato strings, bells, and choir and orchestra.

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Cinematic | May 30, 2015

'Redemption' begins with solemn and pensive solo piano before rich strings and woodwinds join to begin a grand build up to a dramatic finish.